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 Welcome to CNY Home Improvements! We specialize in kitchen and bathroom design and remodeling. Call us for a fast free estimate. We will come out to your home and take measurements and talk through your kitchen remodel to ensure we get you the perfect design. We provide all cabinetry, countertops, fixtures, lighting, tile, flooring, cabinet hardware, etc... Our professionals do all the work so there is no need for you to have to hire multiple contractors. 

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Kitchen Remodel CiceroKitchen remodel home improvementsKitchen remodeling is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home and make this common gathering place more functional, efficient and beautiful. Though kitchen remodeling can carry a large price tag, it is more useful to think about the new design as an investment rather than just a cost. 

kitchen island remodeling The cost of remodeling your kitchen can vary according to a number of different factors. From the size of your kitchen to the complexity of your job and the particulars of your design choice, the cost of your kitchen remodeling project is an area that must be considered carefully. The experienced, professional contractors at CNY Home Improvements will be able to guide you on the the different options available to meet your budget.

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Think about the things that will effect your budget. Is there a wall that you would really like to have come down or get opened up? Is your sink in a bad location? Should we add a prep sink somewhere perhaps in an island? Would it be better to move the locations of some appliances? These items all have a big impact on how your kitchen will look and are very important items relevant to your budget. Think about all of the things that you would like in your new kitchen. 

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How about some under cabinet lighting? It adds a nice ambiance to your kitchen when they are left on at night. Maybe some pendants over an island or a sink? 

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Budgeting for your Kitchen Remodel
Our estimators/designers are very knowledgeable and should be able to guide you through what you can and cannot do to meet your budget. Whether your budget is big or small, we will work with you to accomplish as much as we can to stay within your budget. Budgets are important and something you need to think about as prices can vary greatly based on scope of work and selected products.  

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Kitchen remodeling Syracuse NYYou can avoid going beyond what you can afford by carefully planning and sticking to your plan. We can help you choose from the many styles, materials, and colors available in cabinetry, countertops, tiles, and flooring to help you stick to your budget.
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9 Smart Kitchen Remodeling Layout Ideas:
From Triangle to Zones
Placing the sink, stove and refrigerator at opposite points can allow the cook to move from storage and cleaning to cooking with a simple step-and-turn. As kitchens have evolved into multipurpose rooms the kitchen triangle has given way to zones, where family members can work without bashing elbows.
kitchen remodel syracuse NYChanging cabinet styles has encouraged the shift. With the movement toward less uniform cabinetry and a more freestanding furniture feel, there is the opportunity for discrete separate zones for prep and cooking, baking and cleanup.

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Up - Or Separating
The kitchen triangle was built around the single cook, but families are more likely to share the load now. Setting up kitchen zones gives everyone a task and space to do it. For example, Ron often creates a two-sink arrangement for his clients: one for prep and one for cleanup.
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In a growing trend, homeowners are installing multiple refrigerators: the traditional standup model and one in a bar or island. Hosts can chat to their guests while mixing a drink or the kids can grab an apple without getting underfoot.

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Separating the cooktop and the oven is another option recommended. Since most people don't bake as often as they use the cooktop, getting the oven out of the way (mounted under the counter) makes smart use of space.

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Small-Space Configurations
There are other options for nontriangular kitchen zoning in smaller spaces. "A galley works great, even if only on one wall. The opposite wall can be open to an adjacent living or dining space, or be set up as floor-to-ceiling storage or casual dining space. At each end of the galley, you could have large openings or glass partitions opening up to views, artwork, other living areas or the outdoors: a look that works well with contemporary cabinetry and finishes, or with a mid-century modern aesthetic."

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A similar option could be the aptly named "efficiency kitchen," with fridge, sink, countertop and stove in sequence. This set-up allows you to use all the kitchen's features while barely moving a single step. Talk about efficient.
One mistake we often see - and that we have to undo - are islands that block traffic and functional lanes. However for a galley configuration, a parallel island can be useful for eating, storage and prep.

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Promoting Harmony
In some cultures, the kitchen triangle is thought to create imbalance because it places the cook in a vulnerable position. The principles of Feng Shui, for example, recommend placing the stove in the center of the room.

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Mary Mihaly, a certified Feng Shui practitioner based in Cleveland, Ohio, says, "When you stand at the stove, you should be in the 'command position,' which means you can see all entrances and most of the room itself. If it's necessary that the stove be against the wall and the cook's back would be to the room, the cure is to put a mirror or other reflective surface above the stove, so the cook can see the entire room."

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 Tile back splashes are very prevalent when doing kitchen remodeling in Syracuse. Being a dealer for Daltile we have endless options for you to make your selections. You will be working with a tile designer in a large showroom to make all your selections. 

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Kitchen remodeling in Syracuse NY is much different than other places in the country. Our area has remained very traditional in our cabinetry. Keep this in mind as you search the web for Kitchen Remodeling ideas. Ultimately you should always get what you want but if you plan to be moving at all in the reasonable future you just want to keep that as a consideration as you make your selections. 

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In the design above our customer wanted to get rid of the kitchen table and design an island with seating around three sides. The NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath association) which we are a member of, has guidelines for seating. The rule of thumb is 24" of space for each seat. All of our designs are based on the NKBA guidelines. When choosing your Kitchen Remodeling contractor Syracuse NY be sure to find a company that is certified by the NKBA. 

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Ceiling lighting is an important part of every kitchen remodel. It is crucial that you get adequate lighting. Most of your older kitchens do not have enough lighting. The most common lighting are flush mount fixtures, can lights, pendants, and track lighting which is shown in the picture above. Many folks are adding pendant lights over sinks, islands, and peninsulas which is a very gratifying look! 

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Call us today and let us work with you on planning and designing your new kitchen remodel. 

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Your new kitchen can be anything that you want it to be: modern, traditional, bright, dark, loaded with features or streamlined, it is all up to you. Because a kitchen is a place where you spend a lot of time, its layout and style need to work for you and your family for a long time to come. So, you'll want the professionals at CNY Home Improvements where every home deserves a custom kitchen design. We have successfully remodeled thousands of kitchens in the greater Syracuse area for over 15 years. Not only will you love your new kitchen, but you will also have an opportunity to design it in a way that fits your family's lifestyle, as opposed to living with a kitchen that fit the family before you.

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With any remodeling project there are going to be many decisions along the way, and the best way to make them is with the guidance of an experienced kitchen designer. At CNY Home Improvements, our kitchen designers are specially trained to help you achieve the right kitchen for you and what fits your home's style. Your visit to CNY Home Improvements showroom will amaze you as you browse through our completely appointed kitchen and bath displays that best demonstrate gorgeous kitchens that look and work better. At CNY Home Improvements you have thousands of cabinet choices and the widest price range anywhere, so it is best that our professionals help you tour the showroom and explain how you can customize your new kitchen with door styles, stains or numerous specialty cabinet choices.

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